What's included

A 12 page guidebook that decodes sustainability, provides a practical definition and how to apply it to your own living context

  • Science-based yet easy to understand definition of what Sustainability ACTUALLY means (from a practical how-do-I-apply-this-to-my-life perspective)

  • Key considerations for sustainable living at home (energy, transport, consumerism, toxins and community / family relationships...and more!)

  • Additional resources....including personal prompts for how to address in your own home & life


Senior Instructor

Tracy Lydiatt, B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc

Hi, I’m Tracy Lydiatt - Professional Sustainability Nerd and I believe we’re all superpowers for good in this world. I’m an award-winning author, public speaker and sustainability advisor. I hold a Master’s degree in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability and have over a decade of experience in leadership and applying this science-based framework for decoding sustainability. My own superpower is to bridge sustainability principles with the practical “how-to” for everyday life. My approach is to teach others how to tackle their eco-guilt and feel empowered to take actions from home that meet their goals of “doing good” for the the planet, helps them save time and money plus that best matches their lifestyle. My mission is to massively boost awareness and empowerment of individuals and provide hope during the creation of a sustainable society & healthy planet.

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