Owner, Codfather's Seafood (Kelowna BC), Sustainable Seafood Advocate & Slow Fish Canada Representative

Join Kelowna Codfather's founder and Canada's Slow Fish International representative, Jon Crofts and Sustainable Living School Founder, Tracy Lydiatt for a lively 1hr webinar + 30min Q&A period discussing: 

  • Is it true that the seas will be empty of fish by 2050?
  • What is “Overfishing” and who/what is causing it?
  • Who are small scale wild capture fishers and who are industrial fishers? Where to draw the line. 
  • What is meant by the Blue Economy, and the Slow Fish alternative, the Blue Commons
  • Practical Tips & Resources - How to Shop for Sustainable Seafood

*webinar fee donated to Slow Fish Canada (price is in USD)

Webinar Price

Ongoing fees collected for this webinar will be donated to Slow Fish Canada